NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015


ROBO-FABRIC is a project about the birth of a robot from waste plastics. This process has several steps which are executed separately as follows: On the first step an extruder machine uses ABS plastic material from old keyboards that we recycle to produce the filament material with 1.75 mm diameter for the 3D printer. On the second step we create 3d model of the chassis and the wheels of our rover. The third step is the RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer, that we build especially for NASA Space App Challenge 2015. Its job is to print all the plastic parts (chassis and wheels) for the rover. The fourth step in our project is assembling the final product - the rover. Its hardware is based on GHI Electronics .NET Gadgeteer hardware modules and the printed parts from the previous step. Its software part is programmed using Microsoft technologies: Visual Studio 2013, Micro .NET Framework Platform and C# programming language. The ROBO-FABRIC can be used for designing, modeling and printing the parts for various robotics projects and includes their assembly, electronics and programming.

Dimitar Minchev

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Burgas Free University. Initiator of the Academy of talent in programming, unique and one of a kind kids school programming center in Burgas, Bulgaria. He also organizes the biggest competition for desktop and mobile applications development at the Black See coast called HACKATHON @ BFU. PhD of Informatics from the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences received in 2012.

Atanas Dimitrov

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Burgas Free University. Currently he is PhD of Robotics Student.

Minko Minkov

Burgas Free University, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Sciences Graduated Student.

Stoyan Uzunov

Developer at TechnoLogica, Student in Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Burgas Free University, Microsoft Student Partner and teacher in "Academy of talent in programming".

ROBO-FABRIC is a NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015 Project in Burgas Free University, Bulgaria © 2015